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Vizsla - The Hungarian Pointer

"Vizsla" means pointer in Hungarian, and hunting is what this breed loves best - that is, when they aren't hugging and loving on their humans.  Just FYI, the plural of Vizsla is Vizslak, but most of us still use "Vizslas" when talking about more than one.  What is a pack of Vizslas called?  Words like "riot," "chaos," or "explosion" come to mind!  Here are some links to Vizsla information that will help you research this breed:


Showsight magazine articles on the Vizsla


AKC's meet the Vizsla breed


AKC's article about the Versatile Vizsla


The Vizsla Club of America website


Animal Planet's video on Vizslas


Wikipedia has a Vizsla entry



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