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What is a Performance Dog?

You will find the term "Performance Dog" on this website.  The term refers to dogs that are trained and compete in various dog sport activities, including show, agility, hunt, obedience, rally, field trials, lure coursing, tracking, scent work, or search and rescue.  Breeds, such as Vizslas, that are designed to use their brains and their atheletic abilities will not be content to sit around the house and just be a "pet."   Although Vizslas are great for active families, they really do best when they are placed in homes that will engage with their dogs in a variety of activities.  "Performance Dogs" are not all about titles and ribbons, but homes that are interested in performance activities are more likely to spend the time and effort to work closely with their Vizslas.  AKC events, as well as many other dog clubs, provide organizational structure and a social network for people who love to work as a team with their dogs and engage in the "dog party" atmosphere of dog events.  Well bred Vizslas, with excellent conformation (structure) and generations of good health records behind them, are perfect partners for many dogs sports. Vizslas are considered a Versatile breed - in fact, the first dog to earn 5 Championship titles in various AKC sports was a Vizsla. They are a very trainable breed, and thoroughly enjoy learning a variety of activities.  For people who train to the highest levels, these dogs need to be in peak athletic condition for a decade or more - well bred Vizslas will continue to perform at the top of their game up to age 11 or 12 , or as long as they remain sound and healthy. 


Obviously, you don't need to be active in AKC events to enjoy time spent with your Vizsla, but your Vizsla will not be happy unless you are involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting or running.   

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